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   Here is some of my work. If you want me to be a part of your project, contact me at

I'll be happy to help!

Aircraft Carrier Survival Trailer

Chernobyl 1986 Trailer

Third Person Shooter   

   Inspired by PlanetSide2. Character customization, complete gun configurator and dynamic gameplay. Multiplayer oriented.

Character's head is always looking with the camera. Grenade can be thrown simultaneously while shooting. Aiming-zoom's power is dictated

by the scope mounted on the rifle. Some of the models are not mine.

Coming soon:

- vehicle customization

Third Person Platformer   

   Superhero-ish jumps, minimalistic controls.

Dynamic and immersive gameplay. Character knows when he's falling and detects soft and hard landing. Can also automatically do a "recovery" lift-jump. Inspired by Infamous: Second Son and Tokyo Ghoul.

Coming soon:

- more powers

- enemies

Simple Third Person Adventure-RPG

   Cinematic dialogue system. Shooting particles, destroyable crystals, water detection.

"Delivery Boi"   

   Car game, not necessarily racing game. Easy driving style, made for drifting.

Coming soon:

- customizing vehicle's components

- visual tuning

- 4 players co-op

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